1.Trs foundation goal is  to promote many educational programs that are conducive to the youth.

2.We also  serve as an promotional outlet for all the young creative inner city youth.

3.Through the use of our influence we promote positive messages that can combat the problems our youth faces such as, teenage pregnancy,youth violence, the usage

3b.of drugs & along with doing so making the youth more aware to hiv prevention.

4Trs already attracts an abundance of eager young minds that project their creative talents through the radio show.it also gives everyone a chance to interact with the masses

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How to Teach Children About the Stock Market

  • 1

    Buy what they like. Kids of course will want to buy stocks in companies they can relate to, such as their favorite fast food restaurant or amusement park. Fortunately, these types of stocks often do well anyway and are good long-term play. Research a company your kids like and consider investing a token amount on their behalf.

    • 2

      Get stock certificates. For a few dollars, you can have stock certificates printed up. These can be hung in your children’s bedrooms and can give your children a certain amount of pride that they are shareholders.

    • 3

      Follow the progress of your children’s stocks. Discuss their investments in the morning over breakfast. Show your children the stock quotes in the newspaper and teach them to read a stock chart.

    • 4

      Incorporate school subjects when teaching your kids about the stock market. Use examples from math, history, current events and geography to explain investing. Your children may also become more interested in these subjects in school.

    • 5

      Play a game with pretend money. Give your children $100,000 each in fake money to use for investing. Make a contest among your kids or their friends to see who can be the most successful investor.

    • 6)Teach your children about the importance of long-term growth and


      stocks. While they may not be as excited about conservative investments, choose some safe names they like in order to teach them the value of dividends.


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Institute of Audio Research

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LaGuardia Community College

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